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We exist to bring children into age appropriate WORSHIP where they can

BELONG to the family of God, GROW in their relationship with Christ,

learn to SERVE, and then go SHARE Christ in the world

Child Baptism F.A.Q.


Can I have my infant/baby baptized?

No, we don’t practice infant/baby baptism.

Read about why and an awesome alternative here.


How old does a child need to be before he/she is baptized?

That depends. We believe that baptism is something a person does after they’ve made a personal decision to follow Jesus. If a child has clearly made that decision, then they’re probably old enough for baptism.  Attending First Steps Class will help us (and you) determine if they are ready. Also, Pastor Greg can sit down with them to see if they are ready.


Does a child need to meet any requirements for baptism?

Just two. 1) They need to attend the First Steps Class or have an interview with Pastor Greg. We want every child to fully understand why they are getting baptized. 2) They need to have made a decision to become a Christ Follower. We have found that many children get baptized too early. Either they didn’t understand why we practice baptism or possibly a parent encouraged them to get baptized before they know what it is. Because baptism is something that happens after a person becomes a Christ follower, we expect that children have made that decision before they are baptized. However, this is not a requirement to attend the class. In fact, we thoroughly explain how to become a Christ follower at our Baptism Class.


Who will baptize my child?

Usually it will be Pastor Greg. On rare occasions, it may be one of the other pastors, but rest assured all of our pastors will make your child's day special.


What if I want to baptized too? Can I be baptized with my child?

Absolutely! Your whole family can be baptized together. If you are planning to be baptized with your child, just let us know. The only requirement for adults to be baptized is that they have received Christ as their personal Savior.


What exactly do you talk about in the Baptism Class?

The class is about 30 minutes long. We spend the first half of the class talking about how to become a Christ Follower. Many children make the decision to follow Christ at the First Steps Class. The remainder of the class is strictly about baptism. After the class, your child/children will be well prepared for baptism.


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