A Ministry of New Life Baptist Church  |  3414 State Route 208   New Wilmington, PA  16142  |  (724) 946-2816

We exist to bring children into age appropriate WORSHIP where they can

BELONG to the family of God, GROW in their relationship with Christ,

learn to SERVE, and then go SHARE Christ in the world

Our Discipleship Programs run from September - May each year. Kids must register for these programs.

Each child receives a notebook, T-shirt, and various awards and celebrations through the year.

There is no cost for Breakout or Kids Quest, but a signed parent commitment letter is required!


For those not participating in Breakout or Kids Quest, we offer Huddles each week.

You don't have to register for Huddles and attendance is not required on a weekly basis.


For Grades K-2


ThreeYear Program


Year 1: How to Obey God

24 weeks of lessons from the second part of the Old Testament, introducing young children to the classic stories of the Bible, facilitating discussions about God's people, and discovering how God's love endures no matter what.


Year 2: How to Love Jesus

24 weeks of lessons from the New Testament,

introducing the community of children to Jesus,

his teachings, and those that witnessed his life;

facilitating discussions about why God sent him, and identifying

why Jesus was sent to save us.


Year 3: How to Worship Jesus

24 weeks of lessons studying the early leaders and

heroes of the New Testament. Children will study how God's people responded

to the teachings of Jesus, received the Holy Spirit, and started the Church.



Consistent attendance &

homework completion is STRONGLY

encouraged, but not required for this program.




For Grades 3-6


Four Year Program

Year 1: Knowing God

Year 2: Growing in God

Year 3: Serving Jesus

Year 4: Sharing Jesus

*corresponds to the adult CLASS 101-401



After completing the four year program,

sixth graders go to New York City

for a cultural exposure / missions trip.



Attendance / Homework Requirements


Breakout is a commitment to attend class

and complete weekly homework.


Students are allowed 4 absences &

4 missed homework assignments per year.


If exceeded, the student will be asked to participate

in Huddles for the remainder of the year.


If a Year 4 Student, they will not be eligible to go on the NYC Trip




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