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We exist to bring children into age appropriate WORSHIP where they can

BELONG to the family of God, GROW in their relationship with Christ,

learn to SERVE, and then go SHARE Christ in the world

Dedication F.A.Q.


Do you baptize infants/babies?

No, for a full explanation please read the Child Dedication page. Instead, we offer a Child Dedication service several times a year.


How is Child Dedication different from baptism?

We believe that baptism is a response to one’s decision to fully follow Christ. Child Dedication is where parents dedicate themselves, their parenting efforts, and their child to God so that when a child is old enough to understand, they too will choose to follow Christ and then be baptized.


Can a child be too old to be dedicated?

Not really. Technically the dedication is a prayer of dedication for parents as well as the child. This service is for parents as well as for children. Usually, the child being dedicated though is not yet old enough to really understand what it means to follow Christ. However, if your child is old enough to understand, this would be a great opportunity to talk about what it means to follow Christ. If this is your case, let us know as we would love to help support you.


What is the Child Dedication Parent's Class like?

The Parent's Class is a very relaxed class. Essentially, we take some time to explain what Child Dedication is and isn’t (much of what you’ll read on this site). We also clearly explain what we believe the Bible says about parenting and what spiritual responsibilities parents have. Most importantly, we share how New Life wants to help parents spiritually lead and train their children. Last of all, we cover all the details you’ll need to know about the child dedication.


What is the Child Dedication like?

Child Dedication is a short and simple part of our regular Sunday service. one of the pastors will usually speak for just a few minutes about dedication, explaining to the crowd what Child Dedication is all about.

The pastor will then pray over the children, the parents and the family and friends as it relates to them being dedicated to the Lord.


If you’re interested in having your child dedicated, we require all parents to attend a Child Dedication Parent's  Class. For more information on the next Child Dedication and Prep for Child Dedication Class, or to sign up for the next available class, please click here.


If you have further questions, email Pastor Greg